DIY Fixes You Can Do Before Listing Your Home For Sale


If you are working up to listing your home for sale, this doesn't need to be an expensive process. Getting your home ready for open houses and viewings might take a little work on your part, but there are some quick fixes that will go a long way. Here are four DIY fixes you can do to your home before getting this on the market.  

1. Focus on a Deep Clean

It might seem like an obvious solution, but cleaning for an open house is different than a general clean up of your home. Start with superficial cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, and general dusting and vacuuming. After this is completed, you should go the extra mile and wipe down walls, baseboards, and clean windows and mirrors. If you can make your home sparkle, this will come across as a well cared for home and will look newer.

2. Let in Light

If your house can bring in more light when this is viewed, it will seem more cheerful and will look bigger. Bring in a few more lamps and install higher wattage bulbs. When people will be viewing your home, having lights on even during the day will bring to lighting to all areas of your home. Remove dark curtains as well so that natural sunlight can stream into your home.

3. Yardwork and Plants

If you can quickly improve your curb appeal, more potential homebuyers will be encouraged to stop by and take a look. If your yard hasn't really been well maintained, a quick weeding and mowing session can clear debris and open up your yard. Bring in a few fresh potted plants to line entryways to make outdoor areas more inviting.

4. Staging and Decluttering

Decluttering is different than a deep clean. Depersonalizing your home is important so that potential homebuyers are able to imagine themselves in your home. Remove all unique artwork, family photos, and knickknacks from your living areas. Getting the look of your home's decor ready for the market is important.

While there are professional cleaners and stagers out there that can help get your home ready to sell, there are quite a few things that you can do on your own. Taking any advice from your realtor (such as Conrad Bitangcol) when it comes to quick fixes is important as well. Just remember that you are trying to cast a wide net when it comes to potential buyers, so do what you can do to get your home looking great.


3 December 2015

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