Choosing A Home That Supports Tech Living


Are you a home office worker who needs as much network and system up-time as possible to get your job done while maintaining a good work-life balance? Do you love gadgets and want to make sure that all of your investments are safe from power problems and environmental hazards? Do you just want stable internet for Netflix and YouTube when you move?

Although many generic house hunting tips are out there for people who want a certain view or a certain number of rooms, those questions need to be answered if tech is your focus. Here are a few house hunting tips for people who need good tech support built into their home and neighborhood.

Electrical Inspections Are A Must

Are the homes on your list able to support expensive, sometimes sensitive systems? If power outages are an issue and it's not caused by storms or the local power company, it's time to find out why.

An electrician needs to check at least the outlets of your housing options and the fixtures in order to protect you from new home mistakes. If the wiring is bad, you could be dealing with a lot of damaged electronics in the future--not to mention an expensive wiring replacement project on your dime.

Many electronics operate on a computer-based board that has all of the benefits--and weaknesses--of desktop and laptop computers. Experience too many outages and you'll be dealing with corrupted data, except it can be harder to reload or reinstall your favorite electronics without tearing them apart.

It's also best to know about any repair projects beforehand. Checking the electrical situation can help you lower the sale price before purchasing the home, or at least put the onus on the current owner to fix the electrical system before sale.

Internet Service Is About Neighborhood Connections

If staying connected to work, playing online games, running live stream content, or streaming video are important tasks for your household, bad internet isn't an option. Internet service was once considered a privilege, but for anyone in the tech industry--or anyone making their start in the economy without financial support--having stable internet is a key to success in the modern world.

An idea internet situation means having service at or higher than the national average. You also need multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the area in order to protect yourself from intentional or assumed monopoly situations.

If an ISP has a monopoly over your area's internet service, they have little incentive to offer quality service. It's entirely luck if your ISP has great service while being the only service in time, as most ISPs are allowed to have quite a few performance issues before you have a legal case against them.

With competition, you can walk away from service and either get a better experience or receive better offers to stay with your current provider. You will need to have the street name, house number, and apartment number if applicable in order to confirm service.

Don't just assume service based on what the neighbors have. It's not uncommon for wiring to stop at a specific house number or only be on one side of a street because of new development or underground issues. Contact a real estate agent at businesses like RE/MAX ALL POINTS REALTY to get information on available internet, tech services, and home utility options.


16 January 2018

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